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Owner Information (as printed on IYAK Certificate)

All yak registrations require a DNA sample. Please read the instructions carefully to make sure the best possible sample is collected. If the sample is inadequate you will have to resubmit your application at additional cost. Instructions are in the Library section of the IYAK website or you can click HERE.

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Please send a 3/4 profile photos showing face and one side of animal, along with the DNA samples to the address at the bottom of the form.

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Discounts given:
3% for registering animals with a check or money order. Multiply total by .03 and subtract that from the total. ($65 x .03 = $1.95, $65-$1.95= $63.05)
10% for registering 10 or more animals at once. Multiply total by .10 and subtract that from the total. ($650 x .10 = $65, $650-$65= $585)

Registration Fees and Payment

If you prefer to pay by check hit the continue button below and you will get an email reply with all the information you put in.

Please makes checks payable to
International Yak Association

You may print out the email (or print the form now) and send it along with the check to:

IYAK Registrar
c/o Daniele Garner
PO Box 8
Fairplay, CO 80440