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Animals owned by Thee Farms
Ear TagNameSireDamSexBirth DateColorPicture
C057 T Bill The BullUnknownUnknownBull1988-01-01Imperial
C059 T Old Toronto #12 UnknownUnknownHeifer1990-01-01Native Black
C065 T Old #16UnknownUnknownHeifer1991-01-01Native Black
C069 T Sharping Y 48UnknownUnknownHeifer1988-01-01Native Black
C090 THR Tin Horn MennettaUnknownTHR Tin Horn ZraildaHeifer1992-06-01Native Black
D040 T TibetT Bill The BullT Old Toronto #17Bull1994-08-18Imperial
D077 T SatinUnknownUnknownHeifer1994-10-09Native Black