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Siblings of SPR 21 Pink
Only female siblings of the dam are listed
Ear TagNameSireDamSexBirth DateColorPicture
2C126-B1SPR 10 PinkSBR R062SPR LUCKY Z216 B0Female2015-05-10Native Black
2C134-B1SPR 14 PinkSBR R062SPR 160YFemale2015-04-23Native Black Trim
2C138-B1SPR 16 PINK PECAN SBR R062 Female2015-06-12Native Black
2C142-B1SPR 2 PINK SBR R062SPR 0967 DANDYLION S130-B0Female2015-04-29Imperial Trim
2C144SPR 6 PINK SBR R062SBR N056Female2015-05-15Native Black
2C150SPR 21 PinkSBR R062SBR J078Female2015-07-28Native Black
2D041-B1SPR Ivy 58 PurpleSBR R062SPR SUZANNE Y115 S131-B0Female2016-06-15Imperial Black
2D046-B1SPR Bella 55 PurpleSBR R062SPR Y118 Y156-B0Female2016-04-13Imperial Trim
2D054-B1SPR Dora 66 PurpleSBR R062SPR Z218 Z147-B0Female2016-06-12Native Black
2D055SPR Jessie 68 PurpleLDR Oliver TwistSBR J078Female2016-07-12Imperial Trim
2D146-B1SPR Sarah 74 PurpleSBR R062SPR STRIPE T024 S129-B0Female2016-09-22Native Black Trim
2D148SPR Powder Puff 80 PurpleSBR R062SBR Y089 1109Female2016-09-20Imperial Trim
2E038SPR 29 RedSBR R062SPR #79Female2017-06-02Imperial Black
A146SPR 88SBR R062SBR L056Female2013-02-04Native Black Trim
A147SPR 23 BlueSBR R062SPR B00Male2013-06-01Imperial Trim
A150SPR 1 YellowSBR R062SBR Y089 1109Female2013-12-02Imperial Trim
A154SPR 1 WHITE SBR R062SBR L058Female2013-06-10Imperial Trim
A159SPR 85 White FrostySBR R062HSY SanteenFemale2013-06-11Native Black
A160SPR 90 White 15 YellowSBR R062SBR J078Female2013-06-22Native Black
B169SPR 62 B169SBR R062THY SusieFemale2014-08-17Native Black
B171SPR 56 B171SBR R062SBR I33Female2014-06-11Native Black Trim
B174SPR 2 blueSBR R062SBR J078Male2014-06-29Imperial Black
B190SPR Prairie BosSBR R062SBR Y104Male2014-04-11Imperial Trim
B195SPR 7 BlueSBR R062UnknownFemale2014-07-28Imperial Black
B196SPR 17 BLUE B196SBR R062SBR Y085 1102Male2014-08-11Imperial Trim
B198SPR 66 WHITE B198SBR R062SBR N056Female2014-07-12Imperial
B202SPR 11 BLUE B202SBR R062SBR M059Male2014-04-09Imperial
B203SPR 14 BlueSBR R062SBR Y089 1109Male2014-07-04Imperial Trim
N055SBR N055SBR DreadlockSBR J078Female2004-04-28Imperial
T164SBR Little BenSBR Big BenSBR J078Male2010-04-08Native Black
Y091SBR Y091 1166SBR Big BenSBR J078Bull2011-05-08Native Black
Z109SPR BobsieSBR WranglerSBR J078Heifer2012-04-21Native Black Trim